• The Blue Notebooks with The Last of Us

    The Blue Notebooks with The Last of Us

    Recently, I watched HBO “The Last of Us” with my family. My brother is a huge fan of it. However, I never liked any films or shows about zombies since topics about the end of the world never attracted me. But now the first season has ended, I start to think back about the whole story. And I like the third episode the most with its music.

    At the end of the world, the stubborn survivalist Bill was always busy taking all necessities from stores, doing construction for his house, burying bombs around the house for driving away intruders. To my surprise, the strong and reckless Bill with beard was good at cooking. After an exhausting day of physical labor, Bill always made an exquisite dinner with a glass of wine for himself.

    One day, an intruder fell into Bill’s trap. Frank, who was candid and forthright somehow awoke Bill’s compassion. Bill took Frank home. Frank had a shower which he hadn’t had for a long time. Bill even made a nice dinner for him by breaking his own rule which he promised he would never offer food to anyone. After dinner, Frank was thrilled to see Bill’s piano. Apparently, both of them loved music. Bill played the piano and sang the love song. He was so into the music that Frank was touched. Frank asked Bill: So who’s the girl? Bill answered: There’s no girl. Frank said: I know.

    Then they kissed, and fell deeply in love.

    Unlike Bill’s anger and coldness, Frank was warm and straightforward. He taught Bill what love is, and tried his best to make everything beautiful for both of them. He even decorated the stores, and planted flowers and fruit at the yard no matter how many times he had to fight with Bill for these. When they tasted the fresh strawberries for the first time after decades, the sweetness and sourness were the tase of love, and of life.

    Ten years passed. The flowers blossomed, and the two men were grey-haired. Frank was sick, and Bill took care of him. Bill became the one watering the flowers. Who would believe that reckless Bill would have green fingers one day? Frank was the same artistic, and had all his paintings hung at home. However, looking at the canvas in front of him, Frank knew he could never finish this one.

    Frank asked Bill to put the drugs into the wine tonight for him so he can rest in peace. Bill could not accept it since he loved Frank too much to let him go. Frank was the person who led Bill out of the darkness of life, he was also the one giving Bill the meaning of life. All Bill’s flowers blossomed because of Frank. Bill couldn’t stop his tears.

    Frank only said: Love me the way I want you to.

    Leaves fell as the winds blew. Bill pushed Frank’s wheelchair and they went to the store for suits. In the beautiful music, they got married. They told each other their vow, and put on the wedding ring. At that moment, none of the chaos and turmoil of the world was relevant to them.

    The background music of this scene is “On the Nature of Daylight” created by Max Richter.

    The cello drifts in, like the sunset arriving. The sunset is heavy, since it carries the love of Bill and Frank. Tonight, the darkness is made of the subtle and reserved air when Bill and Frank first met, the argument and passion in their relationship, and the promise and commitment at the moment of life and death. However, this love with laughter and tears has now come to an end. Bill and Frank hid from the end of the world, but could not escape from illness and death.

    Then the violin starts, like the shimmer in the dark night. The shimmer goes forward, with the love of Bill and Frank. The shimmer goes up and down, but she never stops. She walks through the bleak and desolate world, and she walks through the moment of life and death. She is beautiful and strong, but lonely and sorrowful.

    Max Richter is a British composer. This “Nature of Daylight” is included in his album “The Blue Notebooks”. He described this album “A protest album about Iraq, a meditation on violence”.

    In the end, Bill chose to drink the poisoned wine with Frank and end his life together with him. Bill realized that Frank was his purpose of life. He understood that there will always be a man who will make you forgive the cruelty of this world. Even at the end of world, there will always be a small and beautiful moment that worths your protection.

    最近跟家人看起 HBO 「最後生還者」,我原本不愛僵屍片,那種無限逃亡與打打殺殺的劇情對我沒有什麼吸引力,但是,如今季終, 倒是讓我對這齣劇有點着迷,尤其第三集的音樂實在讓我難忘。









    這個畫面的背景音樂是Max Richter的創作On the Nature of Daylight.



    Max Richter 為英國作曲家,他的專輯The Blue Notebooks表達了他的反戰理念,弦樂與鋼琴交織,優美動人,其中收錄的這首On the Nature of Daylight 經常被引用在影劇作品。


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