• Ten Must-Have Pieces In Summer

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    Since summer is around the corner, have you updated your wardrobe for this season? I am not a minimalist, and I do not have a capsule wardrobe. I like to mix and match my clothing and accessories very much, however, there are still a few must-have pieces for me in every season. 

    Now I am going to share with you my ten single items for summer.

    Pants of bright colors

    I always recommend wide-leg pants, since they are comfortable and fashionable, they can be casual and formal with different mix and matches. Besides the trendy yellow and green color in these years, I also suggest basic colors. You can pick some colors lighter than navy blue, or some gentle matte pink colors. These are classic and easy to match.

    Summer style navy blue wide leg pants

    Midi Skirt

    Summer is the season of skirts, for me, I like length longer that my knees, because I think a mini skirt is for little girls, and a midi skirt can be worn in every occasion. You can have both light colors and gentle colors, since yellow is popular this season, I bought myself a yellow midi skirt this month, and a lavender color which is one of my favorites. These colors look good just be with a simple white top.

    Summer style yellow midi skirt

    Printed Skirt

    The brightness and lightness of summer is perfect for printed flowers. There are many printed items, which are elegant and graceful, and can be worn with similar color. I have some printed midi skirts and I love wearing them with knit tops as office outfits.

    Summer style flower printed skirt


    This is my favorite in summer. No matter when traveling, working in the office or having an interview, I have different dresses for different occasions. After I wake up in the morning, I can just pick a design suitable for the day, and go out as soon as possible. I especially like dresses with more cotton, since they are comfortable and breathable. If you need to attend formal events very often, you can prepare some navy blue dresses, and if you work in a casual office, I also recommend stripe design.

    Summer style sleeveless dark blue dress

    White Top

    I cannot live without white tops in summer, since summer is usually colorful, a good white top can balance the pants of bright color, stripes or plaid. A white top definitely upgrades your style. You can choose a simple and classic white t-shirt, or a more elegant chiffon shirt, or shirts with designs on the sleeves. My personal favorite is still a simple design, since it can be a perfect match for everything.

    Summer style white top

    Striped Shirt

    Navy blue striped shirt is a classic item for summer, and there are many different colors these years, which make them more popular. Besides the traditional and long-lasting navy blue designs, I also have a berry color striped shirt. For matching my personal style, I prefer wider stripes, and I pick their colors by my most worn pants and skirts. You can recall your favorite colors and style to choose the perfect striped shirt for yourself.

    Summer style blue and white striped shirt

    Bohemian Embroidered Top

    I have always envied ladies able to wear bohemian style. Bohemian style presents a casual, elegant and layered, personalized fashion, but I am not able to make it. Luckily, there are bohemian embroidered tops in every store and they are my favorite white and blue colors. They are comfortable and graceful, and can be worn with accessories made of feathers and tassels. I love them in the summer.

    Summer style bohemian embroidered top


    If you don’t like sandals and slippers like me, espadrilles can also show the energy of summer, and they are comfortable for walking. There are many colors and designs for espadrilles in these years; some of them are made with pearls and sequins, which have made them more popular than sandals. If you are already a fan of espadrilles, you can also look for more different designs. If you don’t have a pair of espadrilles yet, you can start with blue or red ones.

    Summer style espadrilles in different colors


    Though there are many colors, I still love black and brown ones only. Because every one has different face shapes, you must try before you buy, and look into the mirror in different angles. If you can wear the cat eye designs, than you are really lucky! Wearing these edgy designs is like following the latest fashion. If you are like me, who are obsessed with classic designs, you have to pick one pair of black and another one of brown. These two colors will never disappoint you even in daily lives.

    Summer style cat eye sunglasses

    Bracelets and Bangles

    I always take a look for accessories when shopping. I have studs earrings for office, and diamond earrings for interviews, but my favorites in summers are bracelets and bangles when wearing short sleeves in summer. You can show your personality by wearing many bracelets at one time, or having an elegant bangle for formal events. You don’t even need to spend time on mix and match these accessories, since even a formal dress can be worn with three platinum bracelets to present your lively personality, or with a layered pearl bracelets to show elegance in casual styles.

    Summer style golden bangle
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