• Lessons From Columbia University

    I read the novel “The Demonologist”. This book reminded me of the time when I was in Columbia University in New York.

    Let me write down a small part of lessons I learned from Columbia today.

    Work like a dog, play like a royal.

    It’s normal for Columbia students to stay up late. No matter where you come from, everyone is focused on their goals. Every student is eager to learn in class, and spend time on studying after class. We put on suits and dresses at dinner parties, and enjoy the moment in fulfilling conversations and formal attire. We relieve the stress coming from the busy city, and create our New York memories.

    In spite of the stressful life, keep your head held high.

    Not just students in Columbia, every New Yorker is living in super fast paces and under high living expenses. To survive in this city full of top elites, besides having actual capabilities, you need faith and courage. Therefore, no matter how many rejections we have got today, we still wake up early tomorrow morning, and put on the professional outlook to face the challenge again. We always give the city the best impression, and try our best to reach the goal. Always have faith in yourself, and always be confident, even when you are only pretending. Because only when people know you are confident in yourself, they are more likely to have confidence in you.

    Dress to impress.  

    This is not asking you to judge a person by his/her appearance, but you should wear properly in different occasions, and bring out your profession. I remember our job-hunting consultant in Columbia once said: If you don’t know what to wear, try a little formal does no harm. No matter it is an interview, high school reunion, family dinner, or just running into an old friend on the street, you don’t want to be seen in an old T-shirt and dirty pants. All you need is to spend 10 minutes to be careful of what you wear, and you can always give people a good first impression.

    Learning like it’s your last day, trying like it’s you only chance.

    In Columbia University, students know time in class is limited. We have to spend at least 10 times of the class time to fully understand a chapter or a topic. To get an interview, an internship, or a job offer, we have to prepare and practice everyday. We know school is to inspire and motivate you, and it is a hall gathering elites and knowledge. You have to spend more time and effort to make yourself one of the members, and able to match the glow of Columbia.

    Be kind, be humble.

    When you are in the top and world-renowned Columbia University, you work hard to achieve your dreams. When you are successful and standing on top of the world, you should be kind to create more beauty and power for the environment you are in. You should be humble to make people know that being successful doe not mean being arrogant, on the contrary, your past experiences make you humble and lenient, and make you face the world gracefully. Being kind and humble brings more satisfaction to your life and give you more beautiful moments.

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