• 5 Tips For Working From Home

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    Hi How’s everyone recently? I have been working from home since mid-May due to the coronavirus pandemic, and realized that it might be not as easy as I thought to stay productive when working from home. 

    However, after two weeks since then, I have a few tips for making the situation effective and comfortable.

    Here are my 5 Tips for working form home:

    Maintain the schedule

    Wake up at the same time as going to work helps me a lot. I used to wake up around 7:30 when I needed to go to the office, now I can save the time commuting, but I still wake up at around 8am to start the day. And I have my lunch around 12, and off at around 6:30pm. Sticking to the schedule makes me get into the habit of maintain the working mood and effectiveness even when at home. 

    Get dressed and sit up at the table

    I understand that wearing pajamas all day at home does no harm, but pajamas make people want to stay in bed, and difficult to be motivated. For me, I change my outfit from pajamas to home wear after waking up, even just comfy home wear could give me the feeling of waking up and going to work on something serious. At least this simple action could eliminate the tendency of going back to bed. Sitting in front of my table also works a lot! Don’t bring your laptop and work in bed, even though we are not able to have a perfect home office space, a table gives the atmosphere of starting the day and getting into work.

    Develop some new hobbies

    Before working at home, I often go out and have fun with friends, however, now people are encouraged to stay and work at home, we can hardly have outdoor activities. I tried to keep indoor activities I like and spend more time on them such as reading and listening to classical music. I also transform what I enjoy doing outdoor into indoor activities. For example, I used to go to movies on the weekend, now I watch movies on Netflix with family at home on TV which makes me keep my hobby going and at the same time, spend some time with family. I also start to bullet jounal! I have always been finding a way to record my daily life and inspirations coming up, now I think bullet journal really helps and I have decided to keep bullet journaling!

    Decorate the space 

    As the time staying at home has become more and more, try to spend some time making the space more cozy and enjoyable. Decorate the living room with a small piece of rug, put on a new tablecloth on the dining table or coffee table could also upgrade the space, or change the sheet of the bed could also enlightens our mood. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or effort, just small pieces of changes could make the interior more enjoyable. 

    Eat Healthy

    I know cooking and eating at home could be not so easy, especially for people like me who has get used to eating out, but this is still a good opportunity for us to check up our diet and start a healthier eating habit. Now I work from home, I can get off work around 6:30. I spend about 30 mins preparing dinner with a large portion of vegetables by myself. I have become picky for the things I eat, and I use natural seasoning such as rosemary, arugula and tomatoes. Dished I like including pan-fried salmon with lemon, penne spaghetti with tomato sauce and arugula.

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