• 2018.3.18 New York Philharmonic In Taipei

    New York Philharmonic in Taipei

    I went to the National Concert Hall for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. It has been so long since the last time I listened to them live. Recalling the time when I was still in New York, I used to get the rush tickets of the Met Opera for La Boheme starred by Vittorio Grigolo, or the Vienna Philhamonic in the Carnegie Hall. The times when opera tenors or sopranos having meeting events at the opera house were so valuable that I was always there to get a photo with the brilliant artists.

    I always love the New York Philharmonic, and I am obsessed with its sense of metropolitan, the acceptance and performance of the new musicians. New York Philharmonic also uses the new technology to broadcast concerts live to the public these years to show the passion for classic music in more innovative ways. This oldest classical music orchestra in the US attracts more than fifty million fans all over the world every season, talented musicians and conductors are always eager to cooperate with them for creating a memorable performance. This time in Taipei, we had not only the New York Philharmonic, but also the solo pianist Yuja Wang.

    上週末去聽紐約愛樂交響樂團的演出,很久沒聽一場現場演出了,記得以前總是會搶rush tickets 去大都會歌劇院看一場Vittorio Grigolo演出的La Boheme;或是卡內基音樂廳的維也納愛樂,偶而有歌劇演唱家或是音樂家在劇院舉辦簽名會,那更是難能可貴,可以一睹大明星風采的機會,我也因此收藏許多跟明星的合照。


    National Concert Hall in Taipei

    Piano Concerto No. 3 by Sergei Prokofiev

    It was already exciting to know that the New York Philharmonic is coming, and it had become more intriguing to know that Yuja Wang is the solo pianist.

    Yuja Wang wore a golden sparkling dress with a pair of golden Louboutin heels, which perfectly and gracefully showed her back and legs, and her edgy short hair made her look even more gorgeous. She sat in front of the piano, her blazing music made her like coming from the heaven, with devil’s music in hands.

    The conductor Jaap van Zweden was passionate, Prokofiev’s third piano concerto was famous for its difficulty. The pianist needed extraordinary talent and energy to perform the skillfulness and magnificence of the concerto. Under the conduction of Jaap van Zweden, the chemistry between  Yuja Wang and the orchestra was perfect, the brilliant music played by the orchestra and the piano melody burned through the whole concerto, started from sparks kindles the fire on the ground, and ended in applause of the audience.




    National Concert Hall in Taipei

    Symphony No. 5 by Gustav Mahler

    The following repertoire was Mahler’s Symphony No.5. In fact, I was not familiar with Mahler. I enjoyed Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, and recently Brahms, and they are all more of the classical and romantic repertoire. This was the first time I listened to Mahler live.

    Jaap van Zweden and the New York Philharmonic made Mahler stunning and heart shaking.

    If Beethoven represents the continuous pain and bloom of the short life, then Mahler is the whole life.

    Jaap van Zweden spent all his energy. He touched the melody gently, let the notes flew and drifted through the stage through the entire hall. He jumped for the excitement, pushed the concert by his whole body. Then he pushed the climax of the music and let the sound shake the bottom of our hearts. He led the peace of the music with grief, let the chapter go on solemnly. His emotion represented the concert’s, is the expression of the symphony, and the life of Mahler.

    Pain and grief, tenderness and solemn, passion and wild, gain and lose, satisfaction and heartbreaks, these are the entire emotions of human, and the recall and reflection of a person who had passed through a hard life.

    After the ups and downs for an hour, Mahler used a majestic ending for his life, this is Mahler’s pain, and also our resonance. We are sorry for the happiness and sadness of life, and delighted of being human. This is Mahler’s symphony, and our life story.

    There is no denying that I have fallen in love with Mahler’s Symphony No.5. I believe this love will be just like my obsession for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, which has become more and will last forever. I think the most touching achievement of the tenor is to make an aria known by people for his voice, and for an orchestra, is to shake the world by a symphony, and leave the unforgettable memories for the audience, which also teaches us to engrave these beautiful melodies from Maestros deeply in hearts even after centuries.








    National Concert Hall Entrance

    Walked out from the National Concert Hall, the perfect performance of the New York Philharmonic was still near me. I am not sure when will be the next time to listen to them live. Jaap van Zweden brought the beautiful music and his passion back to New York. Now I can only now listen to the album to expect the next meeting with them.

    However, Jaap van Zweden and the New York Philharmonic had already given the audience many blessings in three hours. Their music made us realize: Life is not easy. But once you are willing to listen to Mahler, maybe you will find a confidant.



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