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    Tea has always been an important part of my life. I like earl grey tea in the morning, some green tea or oolong tea in the afternoon, and sometimes some herbal tea before going to sleep. 

    There are some good tea houses in Taipei in recent years. I visited Xiao Yin Tea House last weekend with a friend who enjoys tea as well.



    Xiao Yin Tea House Entrance
    The Entrance of Xiao Yin Tea House

    Xiao Yin

    Like the name, “ Xiao Yin” means small and hidden in Chinese, and the tea house is in an alley with a small entrance. The white color with the name on the wall makes the whole tea house silent and chic. The entryway also creates a hallway before entering the tea house, adding more curiosity and exploration. Once you walk in the tea house, you will be attracted by the quiet and vintage style of the interior design. The decoration combines the vintage wooden style and the modern simple and chic atmosphere. Here in Xiao Yin Tea House, you can taste the tea culture from ancient Chinese style in a modern environment. 



    Xiao Yin Tea House Interior
    Xiao Yin Tea House Wooden Table
    Xiao Yin Tea House


    We sat at the table next to the window. I ordered the tea “Lava Mist”, and my friend ordered “SIlky Nectar”. We also had four desserts: Hawthorn Cake, Perilla Plum, Osmanthus cake, mung bean cake. The desserts and the tea sets created a beautiful picture on the table with the tea pots, cups and the plates with different patterns.


    Xiao Yin Tea House Menu
    Xiao Yin Tea House Meal

    The tea sets were exquisite, and every kind of tea has its own set. Like the “Silky Nectar” ordered by my friend, which is light and with floral scent was presented in a white pot with blue ink paintings. And the “Lava Mist” ordered by me which was darker and stronger and with a little roasted taste was presented in a brown pot in a steady style.

    ”熔岩迷霧” 茶色濃郁,茶香醇厚,跟它的名字一樣,入口後的煙燻味道宛如烈焰後的煙霧彌漫,流淌過舌尖。相較之下,“花蜜絨”就輕盈許多,色澤淡雅,入口後彷彿造訪花徑,即使離開後也是滿身清香芬芳。 

    Xiao Yin Tea House Tea

    “With a cup of tea in hands, wake the forest in your heart” is the main idea of Xiao Yin Tea House. When the tea was poured out from the pot, the scent began to diffuse in the air, and with the scent in mouth, it really aroused the senses. With a bite of the delicate Chinese style dessert, the slight sweetness also matches the flavor of tea perfectly.


    Xiao Yin Tea House Tea Pot

    We spent three hours at the tea house. We talked about work and life, and tasted the tea and dessert slowly. At Xiao Yin Tea House, there is always serenity and delicate tastes.


    Xiao Yin Tea House Table

    Official Site of Xiao Yin Tea House: http://teaart.gridnet888.com/

    Instagram of Xiao Yin Tea House: https://www.instagram.com/xiaoyinteahouse/

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