• Vintage Style Earrings Haul I (Studs)

    Four pairs of vintage style earrings

    I like wearing accessories. There are two rings on my left hand middle finger, and a bracelet on the right wrist. I wear the same rings and bracelet all the time, but I change my earrings everyday. Earrings have now become my biggest part of the accessory collection. I choose my earrings based on my mood, occasions and seasons. Especially in autumn and winter, I like statement earrings when I am in dark colored sweaters and coats with my curly hair down. 

    Picking the right earrings for different occasions is interesting. I like to wear studs for interviews, wire hooks or teardrops for a brunch or friends gathering during the day. If I am going to have a dinner or concert, I like to wear statement earrings such as a chandelier with a little black dress. I enjoy looking in all my earring collections until I find out the perfect pair.

    Besides some designer’s brands, I also enjoy looking for good designs and collections in some random stores on the street. I like to spend time wandering in these stores to find some attractive little things and use them to lighten my style.

    Shopping online is another good option, and recently I found an online store of vintage style accessories. I was totally attracted by the classic, elegant and chic designs, especially the earrings. 

    Now let me share with you some of my most worn designs.

    Vintage Style Earrings (Studs):

    Studs are essential and very wearable for all occasions. You can wear them to an interview with formal attire, or a black cashmere casual sweater in winter. This time I also bought a few pairs of studs.

    The round shaped pair on the left side is black and grey color tone, with some pink little gems making it more gentle. I have many round shaped earrings because I think they really fit my face shape. The grey color also makes them easy to match with any clothes. The small pearls within the crystals balance the sparkle of the crystals on the earrings. I don’t have many pearl accessories because I don’t wear them very often, but this design combining shining crystals and pearls is really elegant and wearable. 

    This oval shaped pair on the right side is also dark in color tone. However, the blue shade gems add colors to them, and make these earrings very eye catching. I like the engraved design, and this design makes the gems more obvious. This pair is more stylish than the last round shaped pair. I will wear this with black, blue or grey sweaters in casual or daily office.

    Two pairs of vintage style earrings, the left one is round shaped and the right one is oval.

    The third pair is teardrop shaped. I think this design can be elegant and also be stylish. This pair I got is also in blue. (Now you know how often I wear blue.) This tear drop shaped could retouch the face shape and neckline, especially in autumn and winter when we often wear sweaters and scarves. These ocean blue gems combined with white gems also balance the eye catching style with elegant temperament.

    A teardrop shaped vintage style earrings decorated with blue gems and crystal.

    The last pair is like fireworks. The shape of them attracted me at first sight I saw them. Though the colors are still grey with pearls engraved, the shape is really exquisite. When I wear them, they are like fireworks on my earlobes. I like to wear this with my hair as a ponytail style so I can show the shape of fireworks earrings. This kind of special and creative design really attracts me. And this pair of vintage colors and gems in a chic design is really my love!

    A pair of vintage style earrings which is like fireworks.

    Read more about this earrings haul at my next post Vintage Style Earrings Haul II (Chandeliers).

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