• Vintage Style Earrings Haul II (Chandeliers)

    Three pairs of vintage style earrings.

    I bought some vintage style earrings last week, and hope to share with you these beautiful things I got for my accessory collection. The first part Vintage Style Earrings Haul I is all studs and teardrop style. Now I am going to share with you some chandelier style in this post!

    Vintage Style Earrings (Chandeliers):

    I seldom wear pearls, but this pair of vintage style earrings with pearl decorated is really elegant. I can easily wear it with any styles of clothes. Though it might be too dazzling to wear to the office, it is good for dinner or gathering with friends. Sometimes when I need to meet up with my friends after work, I will switch my day earrings which are simple to this more luxury and extravagant look for night!

    A pair of round shaped vintage style earrings decorated with pearls

    As of now you may find out that another one of my favorites is the teardrop. Teardrop earrings are always elegant and chic. This pair of teardrop is also decorated with grey gems and white pearls. The golden frame makes the earrings look like an art piece from an European palace. The earrings shine subtly, and the gems look like stars between my hair and dark tone sweaters in winter.

    A pair of teardrop shaped vintage style earrings decorated with grey gems and pearls

    Sometimes even the materials and elements are almost the same, but the look could be different because of the arrangement and shape. Like this pair of rhombic earrings, which are also made of gems of grey tone with white pearls and with golden lines. Though the elements are very similar with the last teardrop ones, this rhombic pair makes the gems and pearls into lines winding with the golden frame. I like to wear this pair with my hair half updo to an art event.

    A pair of rhombic shaped vintage style earrings decorated with grey gems and pearls.

    Do you have your favorite accessory style or design? Share with me in the comment!

    And don’t forget to read my last post Vintage Style Earrings Haul I (Studs) for earrings haul 🙂

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