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    Perrier Sparkling Water

    I enjoy trying different drinks and visiting restaurants and tea houses. If you ask me what is the best drink able to match with any kind of food, and be on table with every meal, I would say: Sparkling Water.

    We all know that everyone needs at least 2000c.c. of water every day. However, those iced sweetened tea, soda and juice are always attractive in stores in summer, especially when we feel tired and want something to cheer us up. With so many temptations, we usually lose the motivation to choose the healthy option.  




    My Favorite Perrier

    Perrier Sparkling Water

    The first time I had sparkling water was when I was in New York. I went to a grocery store to see if there were any good beverages. Yes, I was also a person enjoying beverages as well. Unlike the convenience store in Taiwan selling all kinds of drinks, and the handmade drinks store allowing customers to choose their own flavor, there was only sweetened tea, coffee and coke in New York. Then the green glass bottles caught my eye, which was Perrier. Its green and streamlined bottle looks like a water drop, and its bubbles and minerals in water interested me. Besides, it was not expensive, just like other beverages sold in stores.

    Perrier has always been my favorite since then, and its fresh and bubbled taste makes it distinguished, and irreplaceable.

    I also tried different brands as well, such as Badoit, San Pellegrino, Voss……etc, But my top one choice is still Perrier.

    From that time, when I feel I want to drink something other than water, I have a glass of sparkling water which is healthier, and could tickle my taste buds at the same time.


    不同於一般的礦泉水,Perrier 在同樣富含礦物質之外,多層次的氣泡口感更為它創造獨一無二的口感,讓人相當驚艷。

    從那次之後,我便經常試著常常各種品牌的氣泡水,像是Badoit、San Pellegrino、Voss等等,但是我最愛的依然是Perrier。


    Party with Sparkling Water

    Sparkling Water with Mexican Food

    Sparkling water can be on dining tables, and also a perfect menu on parties. I remember when I was in graduate school, we often had small parties at a friend’s place, and we liked to order Pizza or Chinese or Mexican food. Because we all needed to take the subway home after the party, a bottle of Perrier or San Pellegrino had become our one and only drink in the evening.

    The “pop” sound when opening the bottle of sparkling water is enjoyable, the process of pouring it into glass is refreshing, and the sound of its combination of water and bubbles and the taste of it is delightful.



    Sparkling Water Recipes

    Sparkling Water with Raspberries
    Sparkling Water with Lemon
    Sparkling Water with Berries

    Sparkling water can also be had with fruits. You can drink it with blueberries or raspberries, or add some lemon with it to make you feel refreshed in the morning. In the office, you can have some sparkling water to avoid sweetened beverages with calories. It not only refreshes yourself but also helps you replenish some minerals. If you are not able to drink too much alcohol at parties, a glass of sparkling water can replace soda and juice to add some energy at parties. If you feel hungry in the afternoon, try not to consume too many calories by having some sparkling water with grapefruit and a piece of cookie, this afternoon snack would not affect your appetite for dinner, and is easy in the office.

    Summer has come, and are you still having iced and sweetened drinks for cooling? Try the sparkling water, and you can also design your own menu and time for this magic drink!




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