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    Today, I would like to talk about New York.

    When I decided to pursue my Master’s degree in New York, most people were envious. They were envious of me going to study in the US, and they had all the beautiful imagination of the city.

    Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Spider Man, The Gotham, CSI New York, Empire Hotel, Central Park, Time Square, Wall Street, Central Station, Fifth Avenue, Broadway, Met Opera, Parson, Columbia, NYU, Juilliard.

    Look how well Americans market themselves, especially New Yorkers.



    慾望城市;花邊教主;蜘蛛人;高譚市;CSI 紐約;





    New York City

    New York is the city with the most talented people, but what schools teach you is not only studying in libraries.

    “Word hard, play harder!” So you will not waste the exciting city, which is the capital of the world.



    Word hard, play harder.


    Time Square New York

    When I just entered Columbia, the Dean welcomed us by saying: “Welcome to the capital of the world.”

    This sentence showed the pride and dream living in the blood of every New Yorker.

    You can learn the knowledge in the spectacular hall of Columbia University, and can also find treasures in a second hand bookstore on the street. On the weekend, you can get a 400 dollars ticket and sit in the Met Opera in suits, or listen to the street artist in the subway for free. You can go into the designers’ stores on the Fifth Avenue to try on the latest shoes, or buy the durable Ralph Lauren sweater in the department store when on sale.

    New York is such a big and generous city, as long as you are want, she will embrace you without a second thought.

    記得剛進哥大時,系主任一句歡迎詞是:Welcome to the capital of the world.







    也可以在百貨公司大減價時買到耐穿也永遠不褪流行的Ralph Lauren毛衣。


    New York Street Passenger

    Only when you have enough confidence, you survive in New York.

    When in New York, I once thought New Yorkers were arrogant, compared with Taiwan. However, I realized that only when you have enough confidence, you survive in New York.

    The people running in Central Park are all in good shape. Every young professional waiting for interviews outside of the office are graduates from Ivy League. The crowd in Starbucks is talking about the oil price of today and stock price of tomorrow. The jacket of the beggar on the street was bought ten years ago in a designer’s shop and worth more than your wage a day. Even horses in Central Park wear golden and sparkling saddles, and they walk with their heads held high. Not to speak of you.








    New York Restaurant

    No wonder New Yorkers are sure of everything even when ordering meals in restaurants. They can read a really long name to have a coffee in Starbucks. They wear heels in the office and change to sneakers to go running or another appointment on time. Every one would wear their best dresses and suits in parties, since the wine and cheese served are very fine and formal.






    Therefore, there is no need for you to avoid their eye contacts when talking to New Yorkers. All New Yorkers are social professionals, they would look into you confidently, listen to you carefully, and give you the most suitable response.

    Like what Chuck Bass said: I am Chuck Bass.



    就像 Chuck Bass 的那一句:I am Chuck Bass.

    New York Street View

    Confidence with boldness, elegance and some wildness, self-disciplined but always free, eager to love and hate, passion and indifference combined, crafty but tolerant, luxury and pragmatic, no matter with someone or no one, I live as I want.

    This is how people become New Yorkers.



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