• My 15 Mins Makeup Routine

    A eyeshadow palette, blush, lipstick and a makeup brush

    Makeup has been part of my daily life since I went to New York. I started to put on makeup when my job hunting began. I remember the counselor told us to put on some makeup to look more professional and have better complexion. Since then, I put on makeup every day because I found out that some makeup could not only makes me look better but gives me the feeling of getting prepared.

    Now I put on makeup everyday, and I spend only 15 mins on it in the morning. And I will introduce my simple routine every morning in this post!

    Now let me introduce you my 15 mins makeup routine!

    Aqua UV Gel (1 min)

    After cleaning my face after waking up, my first step is to put on Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Aqua UV Gel. Its SPF 50/ PA+++ could defend the fierce sunlight from my facial skin, and the moisturizing texture would become a light and silky protection on my face. Even when I don’t have to go out, I always put on this Aqua UV Gel as well to embellish my look.

    Foundation (2 min)

    This is the most important part for any makeup, and different types of foundation also create different kinds of makeup effects. For me, dewy foundation makes people look younger and luminous, while matte foundation gives a natural, professional look. I like the matte foundation more since it lasts longer, and for me, I don’t have to reapply it during work or worry about the makeup might smudge in the summer. My favorite kind of foundation tend to combine these two effects, thanks to the diverse choice of foundation now in the beauty industry, there are many matte foundation products carrie the hydrating ingredient and give the foundation a matte look but without the cakey, heavy feeling. I use makeup brush to put on foundation.

    Concealer (2 min)

    I used a little concealer for the dark circles under my eye, and some freckles I had, but not too much, just a little concealer is enough to make the skin better in a natural way. And after the concealer, I put on another layer of foundation to complete the base of my makeup.

    Powder (1mins)

    I use loose powder to set my makeup. Just use a loose powder brush and dip some powder, and swipe on the whole face gently. Some powder has light-reflective optics which could brighten the skin.

    Eyebrow (3 mins)

    My real eyebrows are not perfect, and I spent a lot of time learning how to shape my eyebrows and apply the right color. My hair is black with some mix of dark brown. So I use the brow pencil of the dark brown to draw the shape for my eyebrows first, then I use the eyebrow powder to fill in the shape. I used to use only the eyebrow pencil, but I think the mix effect of the pencil and the powder makes the eyebrows look more natural. And I believe the eyebrows is the most important part on the face, and different shape of them could impact the look of face and the impression we would like to present.

    Eyeshadow (3 mins)

    I use natural earthy tone of eyeshadow colors every day. Choose a good eyeshadow palette that fit your skin tone and fashion style really helps a lot. I use almost the same eyeshadows every day, so I don’t need much time choosing the perfect colors, and I believe the right color for me is the earthy tone. I use the beige color as base, and some light brown color on the entire eyelid to create some shadow effect, and I use the dark brown color across the lower lid and the outer corner of the eye to enhance the layers of eyeshadows, and create the perfect daily look of my eyes!

    Eyeliner (2 mins)

    Like the eyeshadows, I use dark brown eyeliner. I sometimes envy ladies using black eye liners which look sexy and captivating, but I think the color that suits me the most is the dark brown. I like to make my eyeliner a little cat eye, but not too much. The cat eye could make me look edgy and in good spirit.

    Lip Color (1 min)

    There are so many product choices for the right lip color and effect including lipstick, lip gloss, lip satin and lip tint…etc. I also collect a lot of different lip colors for different occasions and styles. But I use lipsticks the most often and my go to color for daily makeup is the Mac Brick-o-la. 

    Okay, I just shared my daily makeup routine step by step with you! Just 15 mins every morning could upgrade your look for work or a casual weekend. I will introduce you more details about the products I like and have been using for years. Hope you will like this post and share with me your routine too!

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