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    Hi, how’s everyone? May in Taipei has become hot as summer is coming around. And I just shared my Ten Must-Have Pieces In Summer. Hope you like it!

    In May, because I spent a lot of time staying at home, I cleaned up my bedroom, reorganized my makeup drawer and my blog, and I also successfully lost some weight because of the cut down of eating out. 

    And as the time staying home has increased, my time of online shopping has also increase, and I have bought many things online including makeup and accessories.

    Now let me share with you what my favorite products are in May:

    Mac Love Me Lipstick #422 Mon Coeur

    I bought this on Mac website, and I really like this color! Thought I sometimes buy eyeshadows, brow products online, I seldom buy lipstick online due to my lip condition is not so well and I always try the color in store before I buy. I ordered this based on the swatches online, and it turned out the color is really pretty. Its pink berry color could brighten my complexion even when I have no eye makeup. I wear it a lot when working from home, and it’s nice for summer out as well!

    Trying on the Mac Love Me Lipstick #422 Mon Coeur
    The image of Mac Love Me Lipstick #422 Mon Coeur

    Vintage Earrings

    I bought these online and I totally love them. I have many earrings which are simple and easy to wear in the office. But I have always loved vintage things such as accessories and furniture. I like classical and vintage style and I also have my bedroom decorated as rococo style. So these earrings really fulfill my collection.

    Four pairs of vintage earrings

    Tangle Teezer

    This is the first professional hair brush I ever have, and I bought them on the Tangle Teezer site too. I bought three: Detangling for detangle my hair right after being washed, Blow Drying Smoothing Tool to style my hair every morning, and the Back-Combing to style a fluffy ponytail, half updo or messy bun.

    Tangle Teezer products are Detangling, Blow Drying Smoothing and Back-Combing

    Milani Blush #01 Romantic Rose

    I bought this online just before the pandemic. And the color is really pretty! I can put this on every day with any styles of makeup. And this also enlighten my complexion during the conference call in front of the camera.

    image of Milani Blush #01 Romantic Rose


    I like to read before falling asleep, but I don’t like to read novels because the stories will make me excited and difficult to sleep most of the time. I like to read novels when I have an entire afternoon or night so I can fully enjoy the book without being interrupted. Therefore, I like to read some magazines or books introducing art, music or fashion. And I got this book which introduces champagne worldwide this month.

    The image of the book BUT FIRST, CHAMPAGNE
    The page of the book BUT FIRST, CHAMPAGNE

    I hope to share more monthly recap and favorites, including beauty and lifestyle, and of course, my reading and music list. Hope you will like it  🙂

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