• Mark’s Teppanyaki At Marriott Taipei

    Since my birthday is in January, I had some celebration with friends and family. We had some bottles of wine and champagne, and a few birthday cakes and desserts. As I am going into my thirties, parties with lots of people are not my cup of tea, while having a good meal with closest family and friends is what I want the most every year.  

    I had my birthday dinner with my family at the Marriott Taipei. We had MARK’S TEPPANYAKI. Besides the food, the best thing about having teppanyaki is you can see the process of the chef’s cooking. I enjoy looking at the perfect cooking techniques of the chefs while the aroma of the food fills in the air. 



    We have been here many times and every time here is a wonderful experience.

    Jamón Ibérico

    Started from the appetizer, the jamón ibérico with figs. The fresh and silky hams combining the sour and sweet figs gave a surprisingly obsessive taste.


    Jamón Ibérico at Mark's Teppanyaki
    Jamón Ibérico at Mark’s Teppanyaki


    I had seafood for the main course this time, and my father and mother and brother had beef. I really liked the fish and lobster with their exclusive sauce made of grapefruit and black pepper. 


    Seafood at Mark's Teppanyaki
    Seafood at Mark’s Teppanyaki

    Fried Rice

    The fried rice was also delicious. I asked the chef if I can have my rice without onions and shallots, and he customized it for me. I liked how I could feel the grainy rice, and as I chewed them, the aroma of the fried rice diffused in the mouth. If there is a ranking for fried rice, this should be the top one. 


    Fried Rice at Mark's Teppanyaki
    Fried Rice at Mark’s Teppanyaki

    Japanese Daifuku

    Another impressive thing is the dessert: Japanese Daifuku of strawberry flavor, and a scoop of taro ice cream. These two delicate desserts were presented in a transparent crystal plate like an art piece. 


    Japanese Daifuku at Mark's Teppanyaki
    Japanese Daifuku at Mark’s Teppanyaki

    Birthday Cake

    Mark’s Teppanyaki prepared a surprise for us which was a cute birthday cake with a candle. The lemon pie was so good that I couldn’t stop myself from eating too much! The cute green macaron was also lemon flavor which added a perfect decoration both on the look of the pie and its taste!


    Birthday Cake at Mark's Teppanyaki
    Birthday Cake at Mark’s Teppanyaki

    Official Site of Marriott Taipei: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/tpetm-taipei-marriott-hotel/

    Official Site of Mark’s Teppanyaki: https://www.taipeimarriott.com.tw/websev?cat=page&id=4

    Menu: https://www.taipeimarriott.com.tw/files/page_15918350561116jw070.pdf

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