• Gucci Double G Earrings

    Maybe it’s the influence of my love for classical music, I am always fond of those classical and baroque style elements. Though I won’t dress in those styles, I enjoy putting these elements in my daily lives. I like to have some vintage and gorgeous decoration in my interior design or accessories.

    Recently I bought a pair of Gucci earrings which is my favorite style. They are vintage and chic, and can be worn everyday. Come and take a look with me!


    最近購入的一副 Gucci Double G 耳環便是我近日的最愛,復古華麗,卻也可以日常配戴,一起來跟我開箱吧!

    Gucci Double G Earrings

    Gucci Double G Earrings
    Gucci Double G Earrings
    Gucci Double G Earrings
    Gucci Double G Earrings

    Unlike the normal green package, this purple color box was really beautiful with the signature green ribbons.

    Open the box, it was a small purple bag. And keep opening it, here came the Gucci Double G Earrings.

    The classic double G logos of Gucci of all white crystals, with the sparkling black crystal pendant framed in aged golden metal were eye-catching, and shining. 

    The earrings are chic and although they are designed in the vintage style, they are very wearable. You can wear it with any clothes in any occasions.

    不同於 Gucci 常用的綠色包裝,這次耳環使用的紫色包裝我相當喜愛,搭配的依然是Gucci招牌的綠色緞帶。


    打開紫色布包,便是主角 Gucci Dauble G 耳環啦。


    Gucci Double G Earrings Look
    Gucci Double G Earrings Look
    Gucci Double G Earrings

    Especially when I wear black in winter, these earrings become the best accessory. Not only the color is a perfect match, but also lights up the entire look. I really love to be accessorized with some vintage elements in subtle ways.

    Have you got any new accessories recently? Feel free to share with me! And you can also browse the earrings online, the same Double G also come with another color which is with the white crystal pendant. The white version is also exquisite and can worn with any clothes. Unlike black ones I bought, white ones can also be worn in spring and summer!

    Gucci Double G Earrings: https://fave.co/3YkFDPC


    手邊還有幾樣小物,今天先拿出我最常配戴的 Gucci 耳環跟你們分享,希望你們喜歡!也可以到官網逛逛,同款的耳環還有搭配白水晶吊墜的款式,不像黑色款較適合秋冬配戴,白色款也可以在春夏配戴,相當精緻百搭喔!


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