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    As we enter the Chinese Lunar Year of Rabbit, wish everyone a healthy and happy 2023! 

    The first post of the new year is about the new lipsticks I bought right before the new year!

    Do you remember when you started to do makeup? I remember the first time I did makeup was when I was still in Columbia preparing for job hunting, and the career counselor suggested I do some simple makeup for business etiquette. Then I went to the Sephora near school, and the beautiful and friendly makeup artist with ebony skin and long eyelashes taught me how to do makeup. She picked the foundation for me from hundreds of products, a dark brown eyebrow pencil, and a four color eyeshadow palette. 

    The Sephora experience means a lot to me. It made me not only start to do makeup everyday, but also study different beauty brands and products. And Giorgio Armani is the symbol of maturity and elegance.




    記得我第一次學化妝時,是因為在國外開始經歷求職,聽了學校的 Career Conselor 的建議:化點淡妝是禮貌。因此我去了學校附近的Sephora,跟一位超美又超親切的黑人彩妝師姊姊學化了淡妝,她在幾百種粉底液裏選了適合我的顏色、深褐色的眉筆、四色的大地色眼影盤,然後是紅棕色的唇膏。


    開始化妝之後,我漸漸對各品牌的彩妝產生興趣,其中 Giorgio Armani 對我而言,便是成熟與優雅的代名詞。

    Armani Lip Power Longwear Satin Lipstick

    Giorgio Armani Lip Power Lipsticks
    Giorgio Armani Lip Power Lipsticks

    This is the first time I bought Giorgio Armani beauty, and I started from the Lip Power Lipsticks. The black and bold red of Lip Power with the solver logo displays its mature and graceful image. The lipstick looks like a piece of gown with a belt.

    第一次購買 Armani 的彩妝,便是從唇膏入手。這款奢華絲緞訂製唇膏,正紅與漆黑的配色,加上銀色立體 logo,整隻唇膏彷彿是繫著腰帶的晚禮服,成熟高雅又帶著神秘的氣氛。

    Armani Lip Power #201, #202, #110

    The Armani Lip Power presents a very silky and smooth texture. The color also possesses a silky luster shade. Now let’s take a look at the three colors I chose! 




    This is a reddish brown shade, and also my favorite shade. The reddish brown is my go-to color for all occasions. Though this Armani #201 is a kind of reddish brown, it has less brown tone and more red tone which could brighten up the complexion. I like to put on this #201 with clean eye makeup such as mascara and black eyeliner. With this #201, the makeup can be casual but eye-catching.  

    #201 是帶有棕色調的紅色,也是我最愛的顏色,不管是工作或是平日,紅棕色絕對是我的必備顏色,Armani 的 #201 雖也被歸類為紅棕色,但是棕調較少,紅色較多,非常顯氣色,我喜歡假日刷上睫毛膏,畫上眼線,就擦上這支 #201,隨性卻不失氣場。


    I love this color at first sight because it is the perfect color for fall and winter. And I feel it is interesting that #202 seems to be opposite to #201 which #202 possesses a more brown tone and less red tone. I was glad that I found this color, and it matches my camel tone trench coat perfectly.

    當初看到 #202 這個色就覺得實在是很適合秋冬,是帶著光澤的楓葉紅色,這個顏色彷彿跟 #201 相反,紅色較少,棕色較多,成了難得不會顯皮膚黃的楓葉色調。我第一次嘗試這種色調覺得相當驚豔,搭上駝色大衣或是風衣相當完美。


    This is a safe and attractive pinky nude shade. #110 can be worn with any makeup for any occasions. Especially when I wear my eye makeup everyday, #110 is always the best shade to balance the whole makeup look. It is the shade I will have in my bag every day. 

    #110 是很安全又很迷人的粉裸色,不挑場合跟妝容的百搭唇色,尤其我平常外出喜歡化上小煙燻眼妝,這個粉裸色可以平衡臉上的妝容,也可以修飾原本的唇色,是包包裡的必備唇色。

    It is always a pleasure to try new beauty products. Did you also get any new products? Feel free to share with me!

    Giorgio Armani Lip Power Official Website: https://fave.co/3HBJjG9


    Giorgio Armani Lip Power 官網:https://fave.co/3HBJjG9

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