• Fall (In Love) With Pumpkins

    Fall View in the City

    Happy Mid Autumn (Moon) Festival! 

    What is your most unforgettable image and memory for this season?

    Maybe it’s because the fall season is too short in Taiwan that I had never been impressed by this beautiful season. However, when I was staying in New York, I was always obsessed with this comfortable cool season and atmosphere, especially the food and fashion. The pumpkin décor and recipes inspired by this season were also another obsession.

    Since Starbucks started to sell pumpkin latte, everyone knows: It’s time for fall.

    I have prepared many posts for sharing my love for “falling” in love with this beautiful season, stay tuned!

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    Fall in New York City

    When in New York, I remember: Fall starts from a venti pumpkin latte.

    The temperature of New York was fluctuating. It could become a hot day of 30 degrees Celsius with a cool day of 20 degrees Celsius the next day. The clothing store started to have discounts for summer fashion, and people put on their knit and scarfs. The fashion color on the street had changed from white, light blue, yellow to green, camel, and burgundy red. However, it was still not easy to know the exact time of the coming of fall.

    Until Starbucks on the corner of your block began to serve pumpkin latte.




    Fall Pumpkin Latte
    Fall Pumpkins
    Fall Pumpkin Decor

    I am not sure of people in other countries, but the color of fall of New Yorkers must be the color of the pumpkin.

    Starting from the limited pumpkin beverages from Starbucks, we would drink warm coffee, put on long sleeve knitted clothes. And the tree became golden with the fallen leaves adding a golden blanket on the street. You could buy either real or toy pumpkins for décor. The windows of café, restaurants, and clothing stores would have pumpkins ornaments. They could be cute little pumpkins, or big vintage pumpkin art crafts.

    I always like to put on some seasonal décor at my place, so I can feel the succession of four seasons even at home. I bought three fake pumpkins with different sizes. They were lovely and cheap, and perfect fit for my window frame. Their colors were a beautiful gradation of orange, too, which were colors of fall. Only these three little things could bring the fall atmosphere to my studio.




    Fall Pumpkin Recipe
    Fall Pumpkin Pie

    Another thing in this season is the pumpkin recipe. Besides the pumpkin latte from Starbucks, you could also get a pumpkin cup in the café, or the season limited pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, and don’t forget the pumpkin pie loved by everyone and good for any of the three meals in a day.

    If you are not a big fan of pumpkin desserts, you can always try pumpkin colored clothes. A pumpkin color knit top, with the chic burgundy red color midi or pants is the perfect match. To be lower profile, you can put on the pumpkin tone red lip color to show the fashion of this elegant and intriguing season.



    Fall Outfits
    Fall Fashion

    Maybe I didn’t have any feelings for pumpkins originally, but my love for fall has never decreased. Especially the wind of fall, gently blowing the streets, is the overture of winter. The pumpkin decors in the windows, the colors on pedestrians, and the warm and delicious desserts, soup and beverages make fall in New York the fall of pumpkins. 


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