• 5 Tips of Having An Enjoyable Flight

    When some of my friends go traveling, they often ask me: how do I spend the 12 hours on the plane? And this reminds me of my 16 hour flight from Taipei to New York few years ago every year. Surprisingly, I never enjoyed the long flight at that time. However, maybe it is because of the busy working life now, I start to miss the old days when I was able to take the airplane and travel to another country, even it was always for studying.

    Now almost all companies provide personal video screen in the airplane, and everyone is able to have his/her own choices of entertainment. But how to make yourself more comfortable during the at least 10 hour flight? Let me share some of my favorite tips with you.

    Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

    I have a few pieces of clothes that I am sure I wear only them when I am going to take the plane. I like long cotton dresses, knit tops, wide-leg pants, a shawl and a pair of ballet flats. If I am traveling in summer, I will wear the long cotton dress. If it is in winter, I will wear knit top with wide-leg pants. The shawl keeps me warm in the plane, and ballet flats keep my feet comfortable without any stress. 

    Bring essential toiletries

    Though we can hardly know it is morning or night in an airplane, refresh yourself always makes you feel better. That is why I always bring my own toothbrush, toothpaste, facial cleanser, essence, and moisturizer cream. I have dry skin, and the long hours flight makes my face and body uncomfortable. Therefore, I have learned that taking 20 minutes to freshen up, put on some facial care products like what I always do as daily routine can really improve the situation in a plane. And at the same time, by taking care of your skin, you will feel refreshed and energized again, and enjoy the rest of the flight.

    Prepare something you can really enjoy

    It may be your favorite snack, music or sleeping aid. For me, I bring a small book with me. I love reading, and I feel that reading is also a very enjoyable activity when I am in the plane. Since it is quiet inside the plane and I can ask for a cup of tea or coffee, I can devote myself in my book without any disturbance. I can share some reading list with you in another post if any of you is interested in.

    Remember to hydrate

    In a 12-hour flight, the body has to maintain the metabolism in the sky, therefore, hydration is important for your body. Having enough water makes your skin and body able to defeat the dry and cold air in the plane. Try not to drink too much alcohol also helps you keep a comfortable feeling in the sky. Though I like to have some wine with meal, I won’t drink more than one glass during the flight. And only one glass is enough for me to relax.

    Stand up and take some walk

    During the flight, it’s easy to develop lower body edema. To avoid and relieve the symptom, leave your seat, stand up and take a walk on the aisle after your sleep in the flight. Taking a walk can also improve blood circulation, and prevent the body edema. Without the uncomfortable symptom, you can enjoy you flight and start your journey at the moment the plane lands!

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